HQ Office Doggo

  • Feelgood Development
  • Helsinki, Finland

HQ Office Doggo

Job description

We are looking for a fluffy companion for our Helsinki office to help with... productivity. Yeah... that's it. No experience required - all we ask is that you are willing to walk around the office, saying hi to everyone and occasionally getting the odd belly rub. Your responsibilities include:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Playing around
  • Sleeping
  • Enjoying life

If you or a friend is up for this challenge. Apply now!


  • No previous experience required
  • Must be a dog
  • Must be at least 0 years old
  • No language skills needed (not even English)
  • Ability to run, jump, fetch is appreciated, but can be learned
  • Playing dead and shaking a paw are 'nice-to-have' skills