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  • Helsinki, Finland

Open application

Job description

Welcome to open careers at Feedbackly - We are a team where we want to see people grow!

We are always looking for committed employees in sales, marketing and development. It is our company policy that we want to offer everyone the chance to get involved in the stock option program - we feel that every employee should be also an owner. This also supports our idealogy of every worker as an entrepreneur.


We are always serving coffee and beer around the office as well as snacks! Office building, a gym and a rooftop terrace with sauna use is unlimited and free of charge in Helsinki. While we prefer on-premise workers, we are flexible with remote workers as well but you should atleast have a possibility to travel to Helsinki and Turku. Flexibility in hours and remote work days for on-premise workers is naturally guaranteed.


  • Awesome and hardworking person
  • Endures volatile and fast moving working environment
  • Fast learner
  • Speaks at leas english - other langauges are seen as benefit
  • Killer sense of humor and self irony
  • You believe in the power of better customer experiences

We are a big Startup family so if you got intersted leave your open application now - usually our people get hired before we even have time to open the position!

- Jaakko